I have added more HQ Stills and Behind the Scenes photos from Hannibal Season 1 to the gallery. I’ll add even more next month, maybe earlier if I can.

Watch the brand new trailer for Hannibal staring Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen, Laurence Fishburne and Caroline Dhavernas.

Hannibal comes to Sky Living HD on Tuesday 6th May at 10pm.

TrustNordisk is proud to announce that THE SALVATION has been selected for the 67th Cannes International Film Festival. THE SALVATION will screen as an Out of Competition – Midnight Screening at the festival, which will take place from May 14th-25th 2014.

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Kristian Levring (THE KING IS ALIVE, 2000), written by Academy Award-winner Anders Thomas Jensen (IN A BETTER WORLD, 2010 and LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED, 2012) together with Kristian Levring, THE SALVATION is a large scale western drama rooted in Scandinavia – a tale of revenge, blood feud, lost love and greed.

Featuring an all-star cast consisting of Eva Green, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mikael Persbrandt, Eric Cantona and Jonathan Pryce among others and lead by Mads Mikkelsen as a Danish settler in 19th century North America, who sets out to avenge his family, THE SALVATION marks director Kristian Levring’s return to Cannes. In 2000, his film THE KING IS ALIVE screened in Un Certain Regard.

1870s America. When settler John kills his family’s murderer, he unleashes the fury of notorious gang leader Delarue. Betrayed by his corrupt and cowardly community, the peaceful pioneer must turn vengeful hunter, slay the outlaws, and cleanse the town’s black heart.

THE SALVATION is produced by Sisse Graum Jørgensen for Zentropa Entertainments33 ApS in co-production with Spier Films from South Africa and Forward Films from UK with the support of The Danish Film Institute, Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) and Nordisk Film & TV Fond. Developed with support from Film I Väst and the MEDIA programme of the European Union.
Nordic theatrical distribution in collaboration with Nordisk Film Distribution.

TrustNordisk handles international sales.


I have added more HQ Stills from Episode 1.08 and 1.10 as well as more Behind the Scenes photos from the first season 1. More pictures will come later!

I have added 6 stills of Mads in Episode 2×08 – Su-zakana.

I have added some “new” photoshoots and magazine scans to the gallery.Thank you to my friend Claudia at johnnydeppnetwork.com for the Taxi Drivers and Skylink scans!

I have added HD screen captures from Hannibal Episode 2×07 Yakimono to the gallery.

I have added a new still of Mads in Hannibal Episode 2×07 and replaced still #2 by the HQ version.

Just as Todd VanDerWerff has been advocating for weeks now, the good voters of Hulu’s Best in Show tournament have selected Hannibal over Game Of Thrones in convincing fashion. (For most of the voting period, Hannibal was capturing around three-quarters of the total votes cast in this particular contest.) Game Of Thrones handily defeated its three previous opponents—True Detective, Arrow, and Orphan Black—but it proved no match for everybody’s favorite dark crime/horror show with a philosophical bent. Hannibal, meanwhile, had to defeat Bob’s Burgers, Sherlock (which very nearly defeated it), and Community (winner of the previous two contests) on its way to the prize. It was a much harder row to hoe than Game Of Thrones had, but only just, so Hannibal’s convincing victory in the finals was at least somewhat surprising.

“It’s a wonderful testament to the passion of the Fannibals, and it feels like a great, wonderful hug from the audience. The show absolutely feels the love and hugs back,” said the series’ showrunner, Bryan Fuller.

Perhaps even more importantly, this victory also validates Todd VanDerWerff, guest commentator for the Best in Show, in all of his future life choices. Not only did he pick Hannibal over all four of its opponents, but he also correctly predicted to his disbelieving wife and co-workers that Hannibal would win the whole thing before it began, based solely on his belief that it was the show most likely to rally its fans to sweep down from the peaks of Twitter and Tumblr and mash on the voting button until their clicking fingers were bloodied and their mice were reduced to dust.

Is it a good sign for the show’s renewal? It’s impossible to tell, because it’s highly unlikely that NBC is going to renew a show because it won an Internet contest. But it’s also the sort of thing that can’t hurt the show at this point, because networks are always looking for evidence of positive fan engagement, and this is one of the most positive signs there is. Also, it would probably help if we could just get the 28th Amendment to the Constitution—which requires all Americans to watch the winner of the Hulu Best in Show poll—ratified. Won’t you help us please?


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