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Mads is already back in Toronto for Hannibal! Bryan shared a picture of him on set with a Birthday cake.

Happy Birthday, Mads! We hope you’ll enjoy all the messages, videos and fanarts from your fans all around the world!

Mads Mikkelsen’s Birthday – International 2014 from Jade Shah on Vimeo.

From Liz, Oriane and Camille

From Bamboo

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From Elisabetta Palmeri

Hi Mads, I hope you have an amazing birthday! I haven’t been your fan for very long but am glad that I became one when I did. I had the privilege of meeting you at Edmonton Expo in September and it was one of my happiest experiences. Thank you so much for your incredible work and being such a wonderful person. You’ve been an inspiration to me in many ways, and I’ll always be very excited to see where your career takes you next! – Hye-Won

Happy birthday, Mads!! My name is Kathy. I used to live in the US, but now I am back in my native country, S, Korea. I got to know you first with King Arthur and Casino Royale and since then, I kept up with watching Danish films and pretty much your whole filmography. I love Hannibal and your portrayal of character. I think you are the most amazing actor and a human being; I like your humor, laid-back personality, being so meticulous and in the zone when it comes to acting. And let’s face it, your face is gorgeous and I love your face. You should be preserved for the generations to come! Anyway, keep up what your doing and I’ll watch all your films. Again, happy birthday and please remember that there are lots of Korean Mads fans, too!! :)Kathy

Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday and may all your wishes come
true! Also I wanted to thank you for your kindness to all of us
Fannibals. It means the world to everyone how much you care! Thank you
for all your hard work and I look forward to seeing more of your work soon.


Wishing you a wonderful birthday from Ohio!!!
And birthday greetings from Lil Hannibal to.

Happy Birthday, Mads! I hope you have a beautiful day :) You’ve probably heard this a lot, but I’ve watched a few of your movies (well, maybe not just “a few”) and I think you’re a terrific actor. It’s amazing how, in one second, you can be a sweet Hannibal and the next one, with just a small movement of your eyes or a little smirk, you’re the feared Chesapeake Ripper. I don’t even have words to explain it, but what I want to say is that I’m just so, so grateful I’ve found you and your work through Hannibal. And thank you for being so nice and caring with your fans, we really appreciate it! Much love from Spain, Carla Phoenix

Happy Birthday to the charming and talented Mads Mikkelsen! [?] I wish
you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love,
many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will
cherish in all the days ahead.
I hope this day is as fantastic as you are, you deserve the best and
nothing less. Enjoy it to the fullest and all the best!

Lots of love


“Celebrate your birthday today. Celebrate being Happy every day. »

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From Tracy DevineFrom XanxaFrom Akane
From LenoroxxFrom AnnaFrom Sylvia Leurs
From Springinkles, Raphaëla, Maria kokkonen, Tracy Divine, Xanxa, Akane, Lenoroxx, Anna, and Sylvia Leurs.

November 21, 2014

I have added more photos of Mads at the GQ Awards, as well as screen captures from his acceptance speech. Thanks to Eli, I have also added scans from the new issue of German magazine Vivanty.

Mads has been named International Star of the Year by GQ France and attended the Awards Ceremony tonight in Paris. The issue of the magazine was also released today! You can find the scans and photos from the event in the gallery.

November 18, 2014

I have added the scans of the digital issue of Cover Man, featuring the fantastic cast of Men and Chicken on its cover! Huge thanks to @mastrellini for grabbing the magazine for us!

Transcript by Gianna Rahmani at cannibalbat.tumblr.com – First question was actually asked by me, though at that time I was so nervous that I nearly died so it was especially hard for figure out what I actually said through all that whimpering. (Glad Mads understood me?)

You were a stage performer first before got into the film industry, and you are well known by your fans by what we call ‘micro expressions’, Bryan Fuller even told you to make your expressions while acting a little bit more visible. That doesn’t work an stage though because people can’t see your face in a full shot like they do in movies. So was that a thing that you learned in drama school or how did you develop this?
Mads: You’re right, I mean I kind of love theatre but I’m more in love with film.I think the special moment where you can get the audience in here and you don’t have to go to the audience, but the audience will come to you is super interesting moment, and I believe you can do that in theatre as well, not necessarily in very big rooms, I learned that, but in small rooms you can definitely do make the audience be curious so you don’t have to go to them and break the bond.

It’s a give-and-take, you can also be very expressive in theatre, I’ve done that numerous times on different shows but you’re right, I had to learn it and I had to give-and-take a little myself but I always kept insisting on what’s possible not just always to go out there to the audience but also make them come to you. I’m not doing theatre any more. (laughs) Not for that reason though, but it was sometimes very frustrating when you tried something out and you had the whole back going ‘What? What’s happening?’ So, I had to learn that yeah.

Next question was asked by a girl in German so I’ll just freely translate that.

Are you even more fame because of the role as Hannibal? (Yeah, she said it like this.)
Mads: I mean TV is a whole different monster than film, which is again a different monster than theatre. TV comes to peoples living rooms, all the sudden they believe that that they kind of posses you, that you’re a part of their kitchen. So, it’s a whole different energy there. There’s definitely more people that recognize me on the streets and in different cities in the world but also they have a special fan group and call themselves ‘The Fannibals’, and they’re fantastic, they’re very heavy on the internet? Or whatever it’s called? Facebook? I am, as you can hear, a child from the former millennium so I’m not really in there myself, but I’ve met several of them and they’re very very dedicated fans so it’s a different level, definitely.

Girl continues: Okay, be honest with me now, who in here is a Fannibal?

Some people raise their hand.

Audience laughs

Mads laughs

Mads: Well thanks to you guys we got a Season 3!

Another girl asks:

You said Hannibal is a very happy person, what can we learn about Hannibal?
Mads: What can we learn from him or what can we learn about him? We’re going to learn a lot about him hopefully and hopefully not everything because he’s interrogatively the fallen angel that has no specific reason for what he’s doing, it’s just what he is. I don’t know what we can learn from him, what can we learn from our friends? What can we learn from Game of Thrones? What can we learn from the TV show Hannibal? I think that, in that very grotesque universe of Hannibal there is a lot of beauty in there and if we take away that piece of killing and cannibalism there’s a lot of friendship, there’s a lot of love, there’s a lot of beauty.

But I’m not the one who’s going to sit here and say ‘This is what the TV show Hannibal is about’. It’s still growing, still developing. It’s an interesting thing to do a TV show because what you don’t have in a film, a curve where you know when it’s going to end. So for us, we’re also in the middle of a process. We’re just trying to justify our parts as much as we can and make them as full of empathy as we can and as human as we can. Within that if people stay tuned in there must be a fascination with something hopefully that people can gain something from, hopefully not the wrong inspiration though.

Another question was:

If you had to describe your life right now, with a specific sentence said by Hannibal. Which one would that be?
Mads: (pauses and thinks) He says a lot of things… I have a tendency to forget it, so there is room for the next one. (another pause) Well, I guess that Hannibal is a character that embraces life in it’s moment, right here now. He doesn’t super plan ahead, he doesn’t have a master plan, he sees opportunities around the corner, right here, and he makes the best of the day, everyday. I would say that’d be interesting to just live like that, and I do that to a certain degree I think, but he’s obviously very extreme doing it.

Fan: Cool answer! I expected something like ‘Eat The Rude’!
Mads: No, I supposable would go to jail if I’d do that.

Audience laughs

Another Fan:

Hello Mr. Mikkelsen I’m a fan of you from Thailand and I wanted to ask you, you just mentioned that you like Bruce Lee, would you like to play a role in a Kung Fu film?
Mads: Yes! The answer is definitely yes! I mean I have to do it really soon because I’m not getting any younger, as you could see climbing up and down stuff is going to be a little tricky. (he refers to the video clip of him that was shown earlier in the interview) Yes, I was a big fan of Bruce Lee and who was not? I mean I dressed like him, I jumped around like him. My two big heroes when I was a kid were Bruce Lee and Buster Keaton. For he same reasons. They were extremely physical and they expressed an extreme amount of things with their face. I could put myself in that, I could mirror myself in their faces, in their thoughts.

They had an enormous presence, it was not like ‘oh they are just standing there’, No, something happened there and I was obsessed with looking at these people. Of course you could put your own life in there and imagine whatever, he was like a blank canvas. So those two guys were my heroes, funny enough, as you said, I enjoyed doing the minimalistic style myself (I think he was referring to my first question there, I only have noticed now oh my god.) not that I tried to copy anything their did but I think it goes all the way back to when I was a kid, I enjoyed that the characters, the actors, did not tell you what it was a 100% sure. But he held a little back so I could imagine myself. So those were my two big heroes and if I could do a Hong Kong Kung Fu film I would do it any time. If you can bring Bruce Lee back, do it!

The next question was in German again so I’ll just translate it.

It’s rumoured that after the shooting of Casino Royale you were so interested in poker that you were in a poker game that was stopped by the police? Is that true?
Mads: That is not exactly true. Actually when I returned to Copenhagen it happened. It’s not legal to play poker in Copenhagen and I was invited to a charity poker thing. Where there was professional poker players and there was something happening where we gave the whole thing to charity. We thought it was all legal but apparently it was not. So that was closed down and for the first time in my life I won a tournament except it wasn’t really funny. But it became a big thing, but it was actually a small thing.

Next fan question

I wonder what it feels like for you to look at yourself and whether you feel satisfied and have a feeling of ‘This is good’ or do you feel like ‘Could have been better! The next time it will be the one!’
Mads: I would say from this angle it could have been a little better!

(He was sitting directly under the big cinema screen)

Audience laughs

Mads: In general I’m not the kind of actor who goes ‘Oh I can’t watch myself’, no. It’s my job. I have to see what I’m doing, but I’ll also say, most actors have the feeling when we do something, if it works or not. We can tell specifically ‘Not that take, Not that take, Something happened in the third take, please look at that, just re-look at that!’ and if they use that, we’re normally quite comfortable watching ourself if they use something else with what we’re not happy, than we can go (unsatisfied face) Right? But we’ll see a good rule is if you forget yourself when you start watching the film and you’re sucked in by the film, that’s a good sign. Then you start forgetting what you’re doing and it’s all about that.

We can not be jobless, we can not be part of a circus that crave attention, see me, see how difficult it is. It has to look like we’re not even doing anything, you have to forget us. You should not make sure that people are paying attention to us, they should pay attention the the emotion in there and not to us. So, if that works, we’re happy. I’ve seen stuff I was not happy with, well, that’s life.

Next question

How did James Bond change your life, and can you give me a tip since you’re a poker player how to win the next poker game?
Mads: Well first of all you can start out with a lot of money, that’s a good start… And then cheat, cheat, cheat!

How do you cheat?
Mads: Well you can pack your cards, you know whatever, illegal stuff. No, I mean I have no idea how to win a poker game, you can meet so many different people who play poker in different ways, you can easily lose to a kid who doesn’t have a clue because what you’re doing he doesn’t observe, right? And then you can lose to somebody who is much better than you and vice versa.

James Bond did not change my life at all, thanks god for that, because I had a great life, but it obviously made the pile of scripts slightly bigger that I was offered. In the beginning it was a lot of bad guys that were resembling this guy (Le Chiffre) but more and more so interesting stuff came from around the world, so it changed my career to a degree, not my approach to what I’m doing. So if that would not have happened I would probably do the same as I’m doing now but maybe in a more moderate way, maybe a little more back home.

The next questions were about if he would accept fan gifts or give autographs after the interview so

I’ll leave that out if you don’t mind.

Last question was in German so I will translate.

You’re happily married to your wife for 27 years, what’s your secret?
Mads: I’m always away.

Audience laughs and applauses.

Mads: I have no idea. There must be other people out there breaking our record, I think it’s going to be a cliché, I think that it has to be that I’ve kind of like her. And she kinda likes me.

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Interview by Gianna Rahmani at cannibalbat.tumblr.com This interview was done for an article that is aimed at young European students that are not yet familiar with Mikkelsen and his work. If you’re a Fannibal only, this interview might not be interesting for you, because the questions are mainly in the context of Mads’ work in the European film industry.

Young people aren’t really interested in cultural European movies any more. I know a lot of people my age that are fans of the series Hannibal though which is an American production. So, I wanted to ask you first of all, which one of your European movies, that you starred in, would you recommend to a younger person, my age.
Mads: It’s interesting we have obviously a very historical film we made, that’s called ‘A Royal Affair’ and I think it’s a beautiful film, and it’s a true story, and it also actually is about this area Altona, and it’s a very important part of Danish history.

So that would be a beautiful, easy accessable film for a teenager to see. But I think that you can watch The Hunt, that is also very powerful for people your age, and you can see Pusher II which I also think is a very interesting film to watch in your age. So those 3 films would definitely be up there.

A lot of young people used to have the ambition to be an actor as well, but they were blinded by this big Hollywood/Bevery Hills image, so they gave up this dream because they think it’s delusional. What would you say to these young people who love acting and have a passion for acting?
Mads: It’s a strange place to start to think about Hollywood and that, I think you should go and watch some local theatre, go and see if it’s inspiring you, and maybe you’ll think ‘I’m so good I could to it better!’ You know, maybe you can get inspired by that it’s bad or that it’s good and you can start with smaller groups from there on, you just have to go and do what you want to do, and then after some time you can predict what happens in the future. But aiming straight for the Hollywood thing has more to do with fame than it has to do with acting, so I think it’s good to start with acting.

You both starred in European productions and in American Productions, and you are in the film industry for about 15 years now. Have you seen a change between both of these productions, have they become more similar or are they moving away from each other?
Mads: I think it’s a normal question that we ask ourselves in Europe all the time, the Americans are not so occupied with that. We are very occupied with that, and it’s interesting because I think that we are inspired to an extreme degree by the Americans, and I think they are inspired by us. So I think deep down inside we’re doing the same things. What they’re dealing with is very big budgets.

When you have a very big budget sometimes the director is not the boss any more. Then you have 5 producers, they have somebody else and a money man behind that whole thing, and doesn’t become solid film.
We have smaller budgets in Europe, so it becomes director’s films. So we have a tendency to make more specific films. But having said that, there is a lot of challenge over there and a lot of challenge here and I hope that we can still inspire each other to give-and-take.

Your roles tend to have different nationalities, in Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky you had to speak French with a Russian accent.
Mads: Yeah, I spoke Russian, French, I spoke German I spoke Swedish… (mumbling)

That’s a lot! I’m not trying to compare you but you know your colleague Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. For Game of Thrones he needed this fluent American accent so you couldn’t tell he was a Dane. Would you ever consider playing an American or working on your accent in such an extreme manner?
Mads: It’s always been an issue, I mean the thing about accents is that, I have nothing against accents, if people have an accent. I tend to be a little annoyed when people make an accent. I tend to see that too much.

But having said that, Nikolaj has been working really hard, so for him it’s very easy and his American accent is fluent. So just hats-off for him.

But you can never be flawless without an accent unless you stayed there for many years, that’s the key. I try to be more honest with the character and then I work hard on the accent and then I forget it when I start filming.

Another question is, I saw the pictures from the set in Toronto a few weeks ago and I asked myself, can you really drive the motorcycle.
Mads: (laughs) Oh is that out? Yes, yes I’ve been driving the motorcycle for many years.

Were you also able to ride a horse from the beginning?
Mads: No, that was the first time I did that for a film, for King Arthur and so that was a lot of us who have never been riding before, we spent 6 month on a horse, all of us. Including Hugh Dancy, and I think that was his first time as well. So we all got baptised and we never became specifically really good at it, but we became good at looking as if we know what we’re doing.

Last question, and you don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to. In a lot of movies where your character gets hit in the face the make-up artists tend to empathize this scar. (points at nose)
Mads: My scar here?

Yes. If you think it’s too personal you don’t have to tell me but I was just interested in where you got it.
Mads: I broke my nose a lot. I broke my nose 3 times actually, some has been sports and the very first time was I did it was, unfortunately, me being very young and very stupid, that’s all I can say. (grins)

So that was it for the interview, we talked a little bit more, he told me to watch more films with Bruno Ganz and to check out the Alexanderplatz in Berlin, he told me about how he went there as a kid in school and how much he enjoyed the German culture there etc.

Mads was honored last night for his career with the Europa Award at Filmfest Braunschweig. Mads Mikkelsen received the Europa Award for his outstanding contribution to European film culture and helping the focus on European Cinema! The Award came with a 10,000 euros prize. I have added photos from the ceremony as well as the after-party.

Mads attended a Q&A Panel earlier today at the Filmfest Braunschweig where he’s being honored for his career. I have added 20 photos from the event to the gallery.

Mads and the cast of Men and Chicken are on the cover of the very last issue of Danish Fashion magazine Cover Man which will be available tomorrow! I’ll hopefully add the scans soon! You can already check the cover and a behind the scenes photo from the photoshoot in our gallery! Both photos are courtesy of @creolbrothers and @covermanmag.

kino.dk – According to the Danish moviegoers, Anders Thomas Jensen’s Flickering Lights (2000) is the best Danish film in history!

The results fell into place after a 10-week vote, five rounds of voting with 19,600 participants and 280,000 allocated votes for 175 movies.

Flickering Lights is the winner with 40% of the finale votes and outperform the two Thomas Vinterberg films, Festen (1998) and The Hunt (2012), Susanne Bier’s Den eneste ene (1999) and Nikolaj Arcel’s period drama A Royal Affair (2012).

Editor in Chief, Sondergaard explains:
– Initially Flickering Lights sounds perhaps as a surprise winner, but after reflection it is obvious. In terms of genre it hits home for crime, comedy and drama crowd. This is primarily due to characters that are more complex than you think, and they were even played by several actors who are now international stars.

– And then there’s the script. In the wake of Pulp Fiction (1994) numerous Danish and foreign films tried to mix voltage dramas with a realistic and humorous dialogue – especially among criminals. With I Kina spiser de hunde (1999), Anders Thomas Jensen succeeds with parts of the style, but it was only with The Flickering Lights that he created a version that balanced perfectly between Tarantino and something unmistakably Danish.

– Anders Thomas Jensen reinvented the Danish comedy, and the film’s importance for Danish film and the involved forces can hardly be underestimated.