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July 18th, 2014


Mads Mikkelsen will be a guest at the Horror Convention Monster-Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ on August 15-17. According to their Facebook page, Mads will be there the whole 3 days of the convention.

Message from their Facebook page: “To everyone asking for details, Mads will be signing all 3 days during the advertised signing times for all of the guests. VIP tickets are not necessary but I would recommend them if you don’t want to risk being too far back in line. We are not doing Pro photo ops but you can take a photo with your camera”.

You can find more informations about tickets and guest on their site.

July 15th, 2014

I have added additional stills from 2 episodes of Hannibal Season 2 to our gallery. Thanks to for them.

July 14th, 2014

Kinopoisk has released new stills of Mads Mikkelsen in The Salvation. The photos have been added to the gallery.

July 12th, 2014

Mads Mikkelsen in “Hannibal”

“Hannibal” is an extraordinarily well-done series on NBC, and even Anthony Hopkins fans are recognizing how good Mikkelsen’s take on Dr. Hannibal Lecter is. He (ahem) carves out his own unique take on the role. He’s elegant, soft-spoken and full of sly, European charm. And yet, his sartorial shrink is absolutely terrifying throughout. You never know if he’s going to slice up dinner or a dinner guest. In a show that has A+ writing, acting, direction and production design, his work might be the most delicious achievement of all.


July 9th, 2014

Tomorrow is a big day for television fans. Carson Daly and Mindy Kaling will announce the primetime Emmy Award nominations at 8:30 a.m. ET (you can view the nominations live on the Emmy Television Academy website). As any devoted viewer knows, this has been a banner year for television with breathtaking performances and groundbreaking episodes.

But, the Emmy Awards can sometimes be creatures of habit, nominating the same shows and actors year after year. We are hoping a few actors hear their name announced for the first time tomorrow morning. Here are our picks for the first-time nominees we would love to see.

1. Mads Mikkelsen, Hannibal

With Anthony Hopkins’ Hannibal Lecter so thoroughly engraved in the public consciousness, the idea of anyone else stepping into the role is as close to pop culture sacrilege as you can get (though Brian Cox did an admirable job as a pre-Hopkins Hannibal in Manhunter ). In rebooting the Thomas Harris universe for television, writer Bryan Fuller decided to go in a different direction with actor Mads Mikkelsen, and the gamble paid off handsomely. A national treasure in his native Denmark, the steely-eyed Mikkelsen has proven to be one of the great modern screen presences, with notable roles in the Pusher trilogy, After the Wedding and last year’s The Hunt. As Lecter, the actor oozes equal parts charm, sexuality and menace. Whereas Hopkins played up the character’s more flamboyant, Bond villain-esque aspects, Mikkelsen presents a more cunning, Machiavellian figure. He’s a monster hiding behind an expensive, stylish suit and, try as you might, you just can’t escape his orbit. —Mark Rozeman


July 8th, 2014

MKBlurayMusic Box Films has detailed the Blu-ray release of director Arnaud des Pallières’s Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas, starring Mads Mikkelsen, Bruno Ganz, Denis Lavant, Sergi Lopez, Mélusine Mayance and Delphine Chuillot. The film arrives on Blu-ray on August 26th.

Set in 16th century France during an era of major cultural and social shifts, Age of Uprising tells the true story of an unassuming man who becomes a hero of the people. The biopic is directed by Arnaud des Pallières and adapted from German author Heinrich von Kleist’s classic novella, which remains an iconic piece of German literature.

When humble horse trader Michael Kohlhaas (Mikkelsen) is robbed of his livelihood and family, he is left with nothing to lose and takes the law into his own hands. Fueled by his own raging fury and determination for justice, Kohlhaas launches an extremely bloody rebellion against the greedy Lord in Southern France and he will not rest – no matter the cost.

The film had its worldwide premiere at the 2013 Cannes International Film Festival where it was nominated for the prestigious Palme d’Or award before its theatrical rollout across Europe. In France, the film proved to be a commercial success, earning nominations for six César Awards, including Best Actor and Best Cinematography for the sumptuous work of Jeanne Lapoirie and won two César Awards for Best Original Music and Best Sound.

The Blu-ray release of Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas is presented in 1080p with French, German and Occitan language tracks and English subtitles. Special features include:

  • Interview with Mads Mikkelsen
  • Interview with Arnaud Des Pallieres
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Source

    July 7th, 2014

    Mads Mikkelsen is featured in the new issue of Flaunt with a new photoshoot from last March!

    “I remember the first time I heard the word ‘motherfucker,’” I tell Mads Mikkelsen over a late lunch of chicken tacos and Pacificos at a little Mexican joint in Silver Lake. “I thought it was brilliant.”

    “It is brilliant,” he says.

    This is the nature of our conversation.

    We’d met a couple hours before, at Mack Sennett Studios down the street. There was something very natural about the 48-year-old Danish actor, even as he stood posing before the cameras, flanked by smoke machines. I paced in the shadows, behind the assistants (one of whom explaining to another that she had to piss so badly on the commute that she pulled over and squatted right there, “in the goddamn bicycle lane”) and stylists and the monitors applying backgrounds and filters and effects. I watched Mikkelsen walk back and forth, patiently directed, cracking the occasional joke. He’s handsome and regal, I thought, even though, back in 2011, while friend and fellow actor Stellan Skarsgård was accepting the award for European Achievement in World Cinema on Mikkelsen’s behalf, he playfully remarked, “I don’t admire you for your looks, because you’re not good-looking. You have an ‘interesting face.’” But this interesting face sports the kind of physical aerodynamics made for currency, royalty, the pages of history books.

    Read the rest of the interview.

    July 5th, 2014

    Mads and The Salvation are featured in the July 2014 issue of Premiere France. The scans have been added to the gallery.

    July 4th, 2014

    Lionsgate Home Entertainment has revealed that it will release on Blu-ray Hannibal: Season Two, starring Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, and Laurence Fishburne. The release will be available for purchase on September 9th.

    Exact technical specs and supplemental features to be included on this release have not yet been revealed.

    Synopsis: Feed your fear. FBI Agent Will Graham hunts the most notorious serial killers. What he doesn’t know is his new partner is the most notorious serial killer of all.

    Both a gift and a curse, Graham has the extraordinary ability to think like his prey—he sees what they see, feels what they feel. But while Graham is pursuing an especially troubling, cannibalistic murderer, Special Agent Jack Crawford teams him with a highly respected psychiatrist – a man with a taste for the criminal minded – Dr. Hannibal Lecter.


    You can pre-order the Blu-ray on Amazon.

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