Perfect Meat And Fish Frying: Types of Grills For Your Cooking

Meat and fish dishes are the hearty part of any meal, and many people like to experiment with different recipes to provide various dishes for their family. However, it is not easy to cook meat and fish perfectly well, and some recipes may take too long to use them on everyday basis. At the same time, many families cannot imagine their lunch or dinner without a hearty fish or meat dish. What to do in this case?

Cooking meat and fish with addition of oil is not the best option, because it means the dish will be oily and less healthy. However, many people do not use stoves on a regular basis, because it takes a lot of effort to cook like that, and stove is not easy to clean afterwards. The healthiest option for cooking fish or meat is actually a grill.

Grill is one of the best ways to prepare a healthy meal out of fish or meat without great efforts, without adding oil, and without cleaning the stove the whole day afterwards. It allows to fry the product well enough, but not burn it on the surface, and the freedom of manipulation enables you to turn and flip the pieces as you find it comfortable. You also do not risk to be burned with splashes of hot oil. It is possible to cook some vegetables or eggs at the same time, without being afraid to burn down one product and to leave the other one raw.

In most cases, grills are used outside, but you can also use one in the kitchen. To understand what exactly you need, check out what types of grills are available on the market.

Types of Grills

The principle of cooking on different grills is generally the same, but you cannot use some of them inside, and different models provide you with different opportunities. To find out more, check our quick review:

  • Open grill. The construction is the simplest – this is a metal or stone box with wood or charcoal burning down on the bottom, while the food is placed above the fire. This is the best option for outside cooking, easy, and nothing fancy.
  • Covered. The construction is the same but for a lid that covers the food upon the fire. Although it does not seem much of a difference, in reality, it is, because you can cook the food slower, cover it to provide higher temperature inside, and also cook with smoking.

All other models are variations of these two. Enjoy your cooking!

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